Clarity Chiropractic
Spinal Health & Performance

Areas of Practice

Whole health requires itentional focus.

As we work to create your individualized care plan, these are the six areas of practice we will choose from.

Custom Care plan

To solve a problem, we have to come up with a solution. The solution is what we build the custom care plan around. This takes an assessment, a plan, and that leads us to the solution. It is often a program that involves care, coaching, and education.


It is important to me to maximize the time I spend with a patient but also limit the frequency of office visits. We work 1 on 1 in the office doing rehab exercises, but having patients work outside the office on their own time is critical to the process.

Foundation Training

I utilize Foundation Training in my practice because it is a powerful tool to build strength in the body to keep my patients pain free. This is the active part of the custom care plan and in my opinion a “missing link” that many patients benefit from.


We live in a time where there is no shortage of information on how to live a healthy life. However, we often struggle to make the choices that impact our health. By having a physician as an accountability partner, it empowers my patients to take control of their health.

Chiropractic care

As a chiropractic physician, I have been taught how to diagnose and treat conditions, specializing in musculoskeletal health. Through the use of manual therapy and soft tissue techniques. I offer a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical approach to musculoskeletal conditions.

Nutritional Support

Being a holistic provider means that the diet is at the forefront of my plan. I am doing my patients a disservice if I do not stress the importance of how the diet affects the body. I connect the dots for my patients and help them make smart decisions for themselves.