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Meet Dr John

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I will impact others by encouraging and challenging people to live authentic and meaningful lives. I will gain people’s trust by being a friend, leading by example to better my own life, surrounding myself with others who are impacting people’s lives, accepting constructive criticism, and being true to who I am.

I learned very quickly that there is uncertainty in healthcare and the chiropractic profession. Because of this, I am always trying to get to the bottom of things and asking “why?”. This approach has lead me to helping people with their problems instead of simply offering a service. I want to solve problems and help my patients gain understanding about their pain. This is something that is often missing in healthcare today.




University of Western States
Doctorate of Chiropractic, 2018

Boise State University
B.S., Health Science, 2014

Activities & Affiliations

  • Certified Foundation Training Instructor
    *the only one in Idaho

  • TPI Level 1 Certification

  • Whole Food Nutrition Advisor

  • Recreational Golfer